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About the Alaska Maternal Child Health & Immunization Conference

The biennial Alaska Maternal Child Health and Immunization Conference was first held in Anchorage in September 2008.

The conference was started by the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium’s (ANTHC) Alaska Native Epidemiology Center, to provide health care professionals within the Alaska Tribal Health System with the latest in best practices, skills and tools to use in their work with women, adolescents, and children.

After the first conference, ANTHC collaborated with the Alaska Division of Public Health, Section of Women’s, Children’s, and Family Health and others to create a venue to address the needs of health care professionals, researchers, and program planners throughout the state.




Past Conferences



Plenary #1 – Behavioral Health Aides: Preventing and Treating the Effects of Early Childhood Trauma in Alaska Native Communities (PDF)

A1 - Standardized Severe Maternal Morbidity Review: Use of Teams, Tools, and Tracking (PDF)

A2 - Ongoing Mumps Outbreak Results in Recommendations for a Third Dose of Vaccine–Alaska, 2017-2018 (PDF)

A2 - Increasing HPV Vaccinations in Alaska (PDF)

A3 - Healthy Alaskans 2020: Insuring Health Equity and Quality Across the Lifespan (PDF)

A3 - Healthy Drinks for Healthy Kids: Public Health and Dental Professionals Team Up to Reduce Sugary Drink Consumption (PDF)

A4 - Empowering Youth for Healthier Communities: Lessons Learned from LeadOn! (PDF)

Plenary #2 – FASD in the Context of the Opiate Epidemic: Important Considerations and Overlap (PDF)

B1 - Alaska 4P's Plus Detecting Substance Use in Pregnant Women (PDF)

B2 - Health Clip for Perinatal Hepatitis B Prevention and B2 - Viral Hepatitis (PDF)

B3 - They're Just Baby Teeth, What's the Big Deal? (PDF)

B3 - Establishing an Oral Health Surveillance System in Western Alaska Using the Electric Dental Record (PDF)

B4 - Passion and Perspective: Youth Involvement in Public Health (PDF)

B4 - Healthy Native Youth Web Portal: Disseminating Evidence-based Sexual Health Programs for AI/AN Youth (PDF)

C1 - Wellness Guidelines for Alaska's Young Children (PDF)

C1 - Enhancing Emotional Support through Relationship Awareness for Committed Couples (PDF)

C2 - Evaluation of a Printed Health Education Magazine for Use by Alaska Native Families Nuta'aq Unguwaq (PDF)

C2 - The Effect of Childbirth Education on Labor and Delivery Outcomes and Maternal Satisfaction in Primiparous Women (PDF)

C3 - Educating and Normalizing Vaccine Compliance for the Teen Population (PDF)

C4 - Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Youth and the Need to be Prepared (PDF)

Plenary #4 - Suicide Prevention Panel: Role of Culture (PDF)

D1 - Maternal Marijuana Use in Alaska: A Review of the the Data, Evidence, and Clinician Resources (PDF)

D1 - Biomarker Feedback Intervention for Smoking Cessation Among Pregnant Alaska Native Women (PDF)

D3 - Cholestasis of Pregnancy: An Update (PDF)

D3 - Sex Trafficking: Implications for Nurses (PDF)

D4 - Real World Application: An Alaskan Approach to Newborn Hearing Screening (PDF)

D4 - Pediatric Lead Testing in Alaska (PDF)

E1 - Maternal Peer Support for Better Outcomes (PDF)

E3 - You Can't Count That! Estimating Birth Defect Prevalence in Alaska and Clinical Perspectives (PDF)

E4 - Caring for Gender Non-Conforming Youth (PDF)

Plenary #5 - Influenza Vaccine: It's Complicated (PDF)

F1 - Biological Memories: Examining Early Indicators of Intergenerational Health Among Alaska Native Women and Children Living in Anchorage (PDF)

F1 - Integrating and Aligning Social Determinants of Health in Electronic Health Records (PDF)

F2 - Fake It Until You Make It: OB Simulation for Safety in Rural and High-Risk Settings (PDF)

F3 - Cultural Considerations in Suicide Assessment and Intervention (PDF)



Biographies of 2018 Presenters  (PDF)


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Updates in Prematurity Prevention

Debbie Golden  (PDF)

Plenary #1 – The Importance of Preconception Care: A View from the Trenches

Jordan Perlow, MD  (PDF)

A1 - 21st Century Vaccine Challenges

Ros Singleton  (PDF)

A2 - Intimate Partner Violence

Laura Avellaneda-Cruz, LMSW  (PDF)

Lindsey Blumenstein, PhD  (PDF)

A3 – Reducing Infant and Childhood Morbidity

Hyde-Rolland, Soellers, MA  (PDF)

Kaerin Stephens, MA  (PDF)

B1 - Epidemiology of Haemophilus Influenzae (Hib)

Michael Bruce, MD, MPH, and Carrie Byington, MD

B2 - Fetus on Steriods

Jordan Perlow, MD

B3 - Update on Medicaid Reform

Monique Martin  (PDF)

C1 - Childhood Obesity Prevention

Lauren Kelsey, MPH  (PDF)

C2 - Advancing Adolescent Wellness IGNITE Panel

Group A  (PDF)

Group B  (PDF)

Handout  (PDF)

C3 – Features of Treatment Options for Postpartum Depression

Sarah Edwards, BA, MA, LPC  (PDF)

Plenary #2 – Vaccies and Vaccine Hesitancy

Carrie Byington, MD  (PDF)

Plenary #3 – Integrated Perinatal Preventon

Mark Feinberg, PhD  (PDF)

D1 - Update in Reproductive Health

Janet Johnston, PhD, MPH  (PDF)

Bethany Berry, CNM, MSN, and Alyssa Givens, BSN, MSN  (PDF)

D2 - Viral Hepatitis Update

Prabhu Gounder, MD, MPH  (PDF)

D3 - Child and Maternal Environmental Health

Sandrine Deglin, PhD and Joe Sarcone  (PDF)

E1 - HPV Alaska Updates

Mathew Bobo, MPH  (PDF)

Thomas Hennessy, MD, MPH  (PDF)

E2 - Siblings Are Special

Mark Feinberg, PhD  (PDF)

E3 - Breastfeeding in the Last Frontier

Kathy Perham-Hester, MS, MPH  (PDF)

F1 - From Preconception to Parenting

Evelyn Mujica-Larson, LPC, CRC, CDCI, Elizabeth Edwards, LCSW, and Sarah Switzer, LCSW, CDCI  (PDF)

F2 - Infectious Disease During Pregnancy: Zika and CMV

Dana Damron, MD  (PDF)

Louisa Castrodale, DVM, MPH  (PDF)

F3 - Teen Friendly Clinics

Jennifer Baker, BA  (PDF)

G1 - Environmental Influences on Respiratory and Skin Infections

Thomas Hennessy, MD, MPH, and Rosalyn Singleton, MD, MPH  (PDF)

G2 - Pediatric Care Panel

Janet Johnson, PhD, MPH  (PDF)

G3 - Efforts to Understand Tobacco Use -

Cheryl Dalena, BS, CTTS  (PDF)

Christie Flanagan, MPH, CTTS  (PDF)

Debbie Golden, RN, MS  (PDF)

NSB Tobacco Disparities Infographic  (PDF)

Tobacco Health Disparities Profile  (PDF)

Plenary #4 - The 21st Century Opioid Epidemic

Jay Butler, MD, CPE  (PDF)



Biographies of 2016 Presenters  (PDF)


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Plenary #1 – Pregnancy in the Context of a Woman's Lifespan

Michèle Curtis, MD, MPH  (PDF)

Human Papillomavirus (HPV): Vaccine Impact and Research in Alaska

Tom Hennessy, MD, MPH  (PDF)

Rosalyn Singleton, MD, MPH  (PDF)

Digital Storytelling: Blending Traditional and Modern Ways of Learning

Margaret David, BA

Adolescent Brain Development, Substance Abuse and Dating Violence

Katie Reilly, MPH  (PDF)

Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting in Alaska

Estrella “Star” Lee, MA  (PDF)

Rebekah Morisse, BSN, MPH  (PDF)

Kelly Murphy, RN, MSN, IBCLC  (PDF)

Patty Wolf RNC-OB, BSN  (PDF)

Amy Modig  (PDF)

Near Misses: How to Avoid Maternal Morbidity and Mortality

Neil Murphy, MD, FACOG, FAAFP  (PDF)

Margaret Young, MPH  (PDF)

We’ve Got You Covered: Addressing the Challenges of On-Time Childhood Vaccination

Kaerin Stephens, MA  (PDF)

Yvette “Charlie” Barrows, RN, BSN  (PDF)

Josephine Oke, RN, MPH  (PDF)

Plenary #2 – The First 1,000 Days of Life: Using a Resiliency Framework to Promote Wellness Across the Lifespan

Stephanie Monahan  (PDF)

Rosalyn Singleton, MD, MPH  (PDF)

Jen Aist, BS, IBCLC, RLC  (PDF)

Thad Woodard, MD  (PDF)

Josh Arvidson, MSS, LCSW  (PDF)

The Safety Card Approach to DV/SV Education, Screening and Response – Part 1

Laura Avellaneda-Cruz, LMSW  (PDF)

The Traditional Pregnancy and Infant Feeding Guide

Desiree Jackson, RD, LD  (PDF)

Gary Ferguson, ND  (PDF)

Tara Stiller, BS  (PDF)

Maternal Mental Health, Depression, and Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome

Michèle Curtis, MD, MPH  (PDF)

The Safety Card Approach to DV/SV Education, Screening and Response – Part 2

Laura Avellaneda-Cruz, LMSW  (PDF)

Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome in Alaska

Denise Rose MSN, NNP-BC  (PDF)

Childhood Obesity Prevention: Setting the Stage for Wellness

Russ Stevens, BS  (PDF)

Plenary #3 – State of the State

Stephanie Wrightsman-Birch, RNC, MPH, MSN, FNP  (PDF)

Sandra Haldane, BSN, RN, MS  (PDF)

Plenary #4 – Maternal Vaccination – Protecting Mothers and Babies

Janet Englund, MD  (PDF)

Rickets and Vitamin D Deficiency in Alaskan Children

Rachel Kerford Lescher, MD  (PDF)

Provider Tools for Increasing Immunization Coverage Rates

Stephanie Massay, MPH, MT (ASCP)  (PDF)

Social Media 101: An Introduction to Using Social Media for Public Health Messaging

Taija Revels, BS  

Strategies for Reducing Fetal and Infant Mortality in Alaska, 2004-2011

Cheryl B. Prince, PhD, MPH, MSN  (PDF)

Marilyn Pierce-Bulger, FNP, CNM, MN  (PDF)

Influenza Vaccine for Children: The Good, The Bad, and The Controversies

Janet Englund, MD  (PDF)

COMPASS: A Guide for Men – Engaging Men in Violence Prevention

Kami Moore, BS and Doug Modig  (PDF)

Plenary #5 – Reproducing Reproduction from Mythology to Living World

Katsi Cook, Aboriginal Midwife  (PDF)

Tools and Techniques for Using the Bright Futures Periodicity Schedule in Infancy and Early Childhood

Marcy Custer, BSN, MS  (PDF)

Alaska’s New Vaccine Assessment Program

Joe McLaughlin, MD, MPH  (PDF)

The Earlier the Better: Identifying Precursors to Suicide Risk and Supporting Individuals, Families and Communities to Prevent Adolescent and Adult Suicide

Barbara Franks, AAS and Kate Burkhart, JD  (PDF)

Prenatal Environmental Exposure: Mercury and Toxoplasmosis

Ali Hamade, PhD  (PDF)

Nelson Isada, MD  (PDF)

Long Acting Contraceptives

Sarah Hanson, MD  (PDF)

Plenary #6 – Promoting Positive Youth Development through Surveillance and Authentic Engagement

Elizabeth K. Thorne, MPH and Jennifer Baker, BA  (PDF)



Biographies of 2014 Presenters  (PDF)


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Plenary #1 – Social Determinants of Prematurity

Richard David, MD  (PDF)

The Many Faces of Tuberculosis

Ben Westley, MD  (PDF)

Making Screening for Domestic Violence Simple: The Safety Card Intervention

Linda Chamberlain, PhD, MPH  (PDF)

Rebecca Levenson, MA

Overview of Alaska MCH Data

Aulasa Camerlin, MA, MPH  (PDF)

Yvonne Goldsmith, MS, MPH  (PDF)

Kathy Perham-Hester, MS, MPH  (PDF)

Brit Szymoniak, BA  (PDF)

Indoor Air Quality: Creating Healthier Homes

Tom Hennessy, MD, MPH   (PDF)

Troy Ritter, REHS, MPH, DAAS  (PDF)

Social Determinants of Prematurity – Alaska Specific

Richard David, MD  (PDF)

Family-oriented Diabetes Prevention/Obesity Prevention in Children and Adolescents

Angela Manderfeld, MS, RD, CDE, LD  (PDF)

Macrosomic Babies and Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Corinna Muller, DO, FACOOG   (PDF)

What Have Vaccines Done for Your Family Lately?

Michael Cooper, MD, MPH  (PDF)

Joe McLaughlin, MD, MPH  (PDF)

Brit Szymoniak, BA  (PDF)

Brian Yablon, MD  (PDF)

“Inoculate” Teens Against Risk: How you can Promote Protective Factors Every Day

Jennifer Baker, BA  (PDF)

Hot Topics in Infectious Disease: Haemophilus influenza, Pediatric Pneumonia, and Perinatal HIV

Michael Bruce, MD  

Beth Saltonstall, MD  (PDF)

Ros Singleton, MD, MPH  (PDF)

Itchy Moms: Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy, a ‘Big Wild’ Alaska Prenatal Problem

George Gilson, MD  (PDF)

Breaking the Cycle of Tooth Decay: Why Should You Care? What Can You Do?

Sharon Schlicht , RDH, MPH  (PDF)

Sarah Shoffstall, DDS, MPH  (PDF)

Brad Whistler, DMD  (PDF)

Plenary #2 – An Alaskan Epidemic: Assessing for Domestic Violence

Rebecca Levenson, MA  

Plenary #3 – Improving Immunization Coverage: Working with Vaccine-Hesitant Parents

Douglas S. Diekema, MD, MPH  (PDF)

Are You Sending the Right Message? A New Vocabulary for Teen Pregnancy Prevention

Glynis Shea, BA  (PDF)

Rethinking Maternal Mental Health Screening: Is There a Better Approach?

Mark Erickson, MD and Sarah Switzer, LCSW  (PDF)

Healthy Alaska Native Families – Preventing Violence at All Ages

Laura Avellaneda-Cruz, LMSW  (PDF)

Strategies for Improving Immunization Coverage

Douglas S. Diekema, MD, MPH  (PDF)

Infant Safe Sleep Update: National and Alaskan Efforts

Debbie Golden, RN, BC, MS  (PDF)

Marilyn Pierce-Bulger, FNP, CNM, MN  (PDF)

Trauma Informed Care

Josh Arvidson, MSS, LCSW  (PDF)

Innovative Practices and Programs that Support Children

Julie Atkinson, MS  (PDF)

Jamie Blei  

Jessica Daniels, RN  

Thad Woodard, MD  (PDF)

Hot Topics in Perinatal Health

Cristi Chambers, MPH; Debbie Golden, RN, BC, MS; Rebekah Morisse, RN, BSN; Laura Muller, BS; and Doreen Stangel, MAT  (PDF)

Unintentional Childhood Injury Related to Motorized and Non-motorized Sport Activities in Alaska

Stephen Tower, MD  (PDF)

Is FASD on Your Index of Suspicion? How Paying Attention Can Change a Life

Deb Evensen, MA  (PDF)

The Impact of Suicide on the Family

J. Kate Burkhart, JD; Barbara Franks, AAS; Ann Schaack, LCSW; and David J. Sperbeck, PhD  (PDF)

Incorporating Healthy Local and Traditional Foods to Improve Wellness

Desiree Bergeron, RD and Gary Ferguson, ND  (PDF)

Diane Peck, MPH, RD  (PDF)

Leah Walsh, BA  (PDF)

Plenary #4 – Did You Create Some Buzz Today? Building Public Support for MCH Programs

Glynis Shea, BA  (PDF)



Biographies of 2012 Presenters  (PDF)


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Plenary #1 – Healthy Weight Across the Lifespan

Karol Fink  (PDF)

Ward Hurlburt  (PDF)

Neil Murphy  (PDF)

Plenary #2 – The Impact of Domestic Violence on Women and Children and Promising Practices

Linda Chamberlain  (PDF)

Plenary #3 – Vaccine Saftey: Addressing Parent and Provider Hesitancy

Andrew Kroger  (PDF)

Plenary #4 – Using Data to Shape Policy – A National Perspective

Mike Fraser, PhD, CAE

Plenary #5 – Infusing Cultural and LInguistic Competence into Care for the MCH Population

Suzanne Bronheim  (PDF)

Adolescent Vaccines

Tom Hennessy  (PDF)

She Drank Before She Knew

Marilyn Pierce-Bulger  (PDF)

Preventing Unintentional Injuries Among Children and Teens

Hilary Strayer  (PDF)

Strategies for Youth Development & Engagement

Thomas Azzarella  (PDF)

What to do When She is Drinking/Drugging While She is Pregnant

Evelyn Abello  (PDF)

Cheri Scott  (PDF)

Infectious Diseases with Unique Characteristics in Alaska

Jay Butler  (PDF)

Brad Gessner  (PDF)

Jay Wegner  (PDF)

Joe McLaughlin  (PDF)

Stabilizing the Pregnant Woman for Transport

George Gilson  (PDF)

Environmental and Social Factors in Respiratory Disease Disparities

Tom Hennessy  (PDF)

Gina Rempel  (PDF)

Ros Singleton (part one)  (PDF)

Ros Singleton (part two)  (PDF)

How to Communicate Effectively with Teens

Heather Harris & the POWER Teen Program  (PDF)

Tobacco Cessation in Alaska

Jessica Harvill  (PDF)

Caroline Renner  (PDF)

Tobacco Quit Line  (PDF)

Recurrent Aspiration SYndrome in Indigenous Children: Association with Chronic Lung Disease

Gina Rempel  (PDF)

Using Evidence Based Programs to Promote Youth Sexual Health

Sophie Wenzel & Lissa Pressfield (replacement presentation)  (PDF)

Maternal Depression & Its Effects on the Family

Margi Clifford & Sarah Roberts  (PDF)

FAS(D) Birth Defects - Using Data to Tell Stories

Sandy Collins  (PDF)

Best Practices in Prevention Programs for Youth

Kyla Retzer  (PDF)

Connie Jessen  (PDF)

Improving the Health of Alaskans: Reproductive Life Planning and Best Practices in Preconception Care

Brad Whistler  (PDF)

Jan Whitefield  (PDF)

The Role of Family Centered Care in Caring for Children with Special Healthcare Needs

Shannon Shea  (PDF)

STDs Screening & Testing for Adolescents

Donna Cecere  (PDF)

Connie Jessen  (PDF)

What's New in Vaccines

Andrew Kroger  (PDF)

Ros Singleton  (PDF)

Laurel Wood  (PDF)

Caring for Pregnant and Parenting Teens

Janie Henderson  (PDF)

Breast & Cervical Cancer Update

Denise Farleigh  (PDF)

Neil Murphy  (PDF)

Child Abuse in Alaska: From Recognition to Prevention

KJ Worbey  (PDF)



Biographies of 2010 Presenters  (PDF)


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Plenary #1 – Immunization Practice - Vaccine Safety/Addressing Hesitancy & Refusal


Plenary #2 – Newborn Metabolic Screening


Plenary #3 – Cervical Cancer and HPV Vaccine


Maternal HIV Screening and Perinatal Management

Gilson, Murphy  (PDF)

CPT1 Deficiency Update


"Coccooning" - Protecting Newborns Against Pertussis


Environmental Threats to MCH


Prenatal Genetic Screening


VacTrAK Alaska Immunization Information System


Childhood Overweight & Diabetes


Preterm Labor - Approaches to Diagnosis and Treatment


Immunization Practice - National Update, New Vaccines, ACIP Recommendations


Stabilization of the Child with Respiratory Failure


A Discussion About MCH Data for the Clinician and Program Manager


Vaccine Q & A Everyone's Responsibility

Initial Treatment of Seizures


Care of the Vulnerable Mother


Teens, Tweens & Vaccines + School & Childcare Immunization Requirements


Initial Treatment of Seizures


AK Mothers and Domestic Violence


VacTrAK Alaska Immunization Information System


Early Dental Caries

Holve  (PDF)

Singleton  (PDF)

Gestational Diabetes


"Coccooning" - Protecting Newborns Against Pertussis


STDs Among Alaskan Youth

The Impact of Vaccines on Alaska Native Health

McMahon  (PDF)

Singleton  (PDF)

Vaccine Q & A Everyone's Responsibility

Diagnosis and Treatment of FAS in AN Communities


CPT1 Deficiency Update


What Every Alaska Immunization Provider Needs to Know - But May Be Afraid to Ask


Early Dental Caries

Holve  (PDF)

Singleton  (PDF)

The State of Alaska Native Infant Mortality

Blabey  (PDF)

Toffolon-Weiss  (PDF)

Parrish  (PDF)

Teens, Tweens & Vaccines + School & Childcare Immunization Requirements



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